a story about Jason

|day 3| you ever remember random people you’ve crossed paths with? not necessarily someone you’ve had any personal relationship to but someone you’ve shared space with. today i thought of Jason.

Jason is probably one of the smartest person i have ever met. he was in my 6th grade after-care class (shoutout to everyone that was in aftercare because your parents were too paranoid to let you stay home alone after school). he was 3 years older than i was and had this energy about him that i was always so fascinated by. Jason had autism and usually stayed to himself for the most part. that was unless he was talking about geography or history.

he would get to talking about geography to the aftercare teacher and could go on and on. he would describe the region's history, the weather, the people..basically he was a sponge and would tell all he knew. he would also draw out a picture of the region or write out the facts on the chalkboard (of course after he finished all his homework). i remember how detailed he would get, often referring to one of his many books as he would write. he would really quiet and pensive, making sure each and every detail was right. afterwards, he would tell the teacher (and anyone else listening) all about this specific region or peoples. by this time, we usually were all done with our homework's and ready for our daily free time (usually spent outside or at in the gym), his entire side of the the chalkboard would be covered in his writing. sometimes he would leave the board until the next day, other times he would wipe the board clean for the next day, ready for the next day.

i always liked reading to all the facts and tidbits he wrote. i hope life is treating him well wherever he is.

until next time,