so here we are..

day 7- 28| hey hey,

so i kind of disappeared. December was a really hard month. there's been a lot of ups and downs (more downs than ups) that i have been navigating through. i had to relearn that even though good and bad times are temporary, it's ok to not be ok in the now. so i have been trying to give myself the space to not be ok, hence my disappearance (i didn't want to be here complaining everyday). it's always interesting how old lessons make their way back into the present.

it is December so of course all the cheeriness wasn't exactly the best when all the turmoil was going on. i completely understand why the Grinch wasn't about it. i have never been so over Christmas music as i was by December 2nd (it was bad).

as i have gotten older, i have a deeper appreciation for my family. being able to be around my family for the holidays was exactly what i needed. there was so much love that i didn't realize how much i needed to be around. we spent the day cooking, eating and laughing all in our PJs.

i'm trying to finish the year strong, whatever that means. this was such a hard post to write.

until next time,