Be Intentional

Happy New Years y'all! We've made it to yet another year and although things aren't at all how i want it to be, i'm so grateful for it all. this time of year, people usually make their resolutions of the things they want to change for the new year. i actually stopped making resolutions a while back but i'm all for making intentions. intentions, to me, are (wait for it) intentional. they are more deliberate and direct than resolutions. i usually set my intentions right after meditating and being very clear in what i want and make steps to accomplish said intentional. it's super important to make those steps because it allows/makes me be mindful of working towards my intention.

i set all my intentions while in awe at the moon and making sure i wrote it down in my journal. honestly the full moon on NYE was everything and i felt so hopeful and extremely happy despite how much things aren't seemingly how i want it to be in this very moment. it's funny how we have all these thoughts and ideas of what our best life should look like. this past year has taught me to be ok if and when i don't get that perfect present i had hoped for. being able to be ok with the unknown is honestly the most freeing feeling. it feels like the smell of fresh rain on summer day. or that could be just me lol

anyway, let's make this a really good year we can look back and be proud of all the growth. be very intentional with all your personal goals and be relentless about achieving them.

until next time,