guess who’s back back back, back again gain gain (Music Minute #4)

First off, shout out to any and everyone who gets the T-Boy reference. img_4093

I'm back with another music minute, this time by way of UK group 808Ink. I went through a period of time when I was really into UK shows and music so this was very much appreciated. anyway, Sometimes my Spotify Discover Weekly comes with the hits and other times not so much, this week my playlist was not letting up. I have now listened to Suede Jaw countless times because I have officially lost count. The sound is reminiscent of '90s house laced with harmonizing vocals and a simple bass beat. Their voices ride over the beat and you honestly can't help but hit a shoulder shimmy. It feels very middle of summer house party when you're having a grand ol' time and walk outside to the smell of summer and under a clear sky and feeling the gentle subtle warm breeze or the song you two-step with a cute stranger. (i miss not being cold if you can't tell).

I love a good sample so when I finally decided to venture through the rest of 'Billy's Home', and heard Crooked. Bad, it immediately caught my attention. It's a lot grittier than Suede Jaw. Mumblez is commanding your attention as 808Charmer's beats sear through. and then it happened, I heard the faint slightly faded loop of Jai Paul's Jasmine in the middle of their Crooked. Bad, I almost my mind. like I said, I love a good sample.

I appreciate everything about this group. they have a very distinct sound and look that commands attention. y'all they make really cool music videos. MUSIC VIDEOS ARE IMPORTANT AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH. one thing I really appreciate music that allows you to escape into a specific feeling and that's exactly how their music does.

check it out: listen here and here

until next time,