Music Minute #5 : The War & Leisure Edition

I went to the show on Friday and I'm writing this on Sunday and still on a high from the show. The second I saw the bill for this show, I knew I had to be there. SiR, Nonchalant Savant AND Miguel?? yea I had to there front and in the center. I went to the Terminal 5 show in New York. The second you walked into the space, you could just feel the excitement and electricity. it wasn't long before Nonchalant Savant took the stage. I was so excited to finally seeing him perform, I remember first hearing Mixed Signals like a year and some change ago and playing it repeatedly for weeks. (link to the previous write up you should really check out) Besides the fact that his voice sounds even better live, he had such a command of the stage. (All 3 acts each commanded the stage that almost dared you to look away) Anyway, he started with 'Same Way' from his recently released album, ¡Spark! then went on to some other songs on his album and ended with Mixed Signals. Trust i was belting out every single lyric the entire set. It was everything I was excited to see and so much more.


Next was SiR. The year was 2016. I was dating this guy and I was so excited to share this song I had discovered on Spotify and was absolutely loving. Homie and I didn't work out but I was sold on SiR. His music makes you believe in love with all its ups and inevitable pitfalls. Even him just crooning about everyday situations just makes you feel, for lack of a better word, real good and seen. Anyway, he had a quiet but unmistakable command of the stage. I was receiving my entire life. Just the beginning of Queen and Oh Nah Nah had me wanting to melt into a puddle of happiness. It's safe to say I was beside myself his entire set.


And then there was Miguel. The last time I saw him live was when he performed at my alma mater in 2012 right after Art Dealer Chic Vol. 2 just dropped. I still remember that performance like it was yesterday. I legit stood in awe at how amazing it felt to stand in that crowd hearing him live and not in my headphones pretending to study lol. It's crazy seeing how much he's grown musically. I still remember the first Miguel song I ever heard. Ya girl was in high school and it was 'Let's Just Be' from the Mischief Mixtape. I legit used to listen to it staring out the school bus window imagining myself living out the lyrics.

The show began with a video montage of Miguel discussing the current isolation politics and immigration debate currently going on in our country. He went to a town in Southern California that was along the Mexican border and met with a group of people in these 'detention centers' and people of the town. From those images to the room blacking out and him crooning in the background as the audience bubbled with excitement. I knew we were all in for a show. Miguel comes out and the place erupts in screams. Like I said before each person on that stage was electric but Miguel was completely on a different level as he glided, gyrated and danced through what looked like a spaceship playground all while hitting each and every note and then some more all while looking like he was barely trying to be this cool. HOW SWAY?! To say that I enjoyed every single second of his nearly 2-hour set is an understatement. He performed hits from all his albums and you already know ya girl was in the audience bopping and belting out every song. I'm still in awe.


Overall if you have the opportunity to see this tour or any of these artists, RUN and Go. As a fan of all three of these musicians, I may be a bit biased but it's honestly an experience that was worth all the pushing and prodding to secure my spot up front. The energy in that space was so magnetic you couldn't help but feel the love. I'm so excited for each of their careers and will be sure to every show I possibly can.

Also, they all possess this collective cool that I only aspire to be.

until next time,